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Flush Out Toxins Weight Loss, Improving Immunity and Metabolish

Why Us?

We encourage people to develop an intermittent fasting lifestyle to eat one primary meal a day to give the digestive system time over a 24 hour period or in line with the type of meals that we've had; to pay attention to the time that it takes for the digestive system to process food based on your own personality and your own body and your food preferences.

boost energy

reduce hunger

rebalance hormones

We encourage each of our clients to have a Wellness Assurance routine. Wellness assurance routine is where you are spending the time to identify what you need for your Wellness. What is your routine for Wellness?


For Wellness

For those who want to detox their body, the Wellness Detox is an effective way to cleanse and recharge.


For Assurance

Who will help you achieve your goals with a cleanse, detox and supplement regimen


For Routine

A powerful and effective cleansing routine. For daily detoxification and all-over radiance.

Live well. Stay well.

Based on where you are, your level of activity, if you can pay attention to this information you understand how best to support your body, your life, and your lifestyle. The Rad Wellness Center is R.A.D. Reaching Another Dimension to help people be well, live well, and stay well.

Start Your Recovery Today


We create a personalized treatment plan for each and every patient, tailored to their individual health and wellness needs


Your privacy is important to us. Your treatment and personal information will always remain 100% confidential. We can only use the information for the purpose for which we collect it


Our team combines a wide-range of therapeutic approaches, along with innovative tests and technology, to help you find a treatment program


Our Customers Trust Us

You should check out our customer reviews! We really care about our clients and want to make sure they are pleased with their experience.


Love! Love! Love!


I love their product!. I can actually feel the changes in my body. Being a young adult we often eat whatever we like. We sometimes don't care about the food content long as it will satisfy our cravings.

– Mendy S John, CA Happy Customer

Join Big Community

We invite you to become a member of our community so we can share the tools and resources that our members have developed. In this 21 day detox it’s a private coaching support system so we don't have a membership board.

Self Care Program

Members speak one on one with a coach as part of a private community of Wellness seekers who are investing the time and energy to pay for a coach to help them to support paying attention to themselves to develop their own self-care program.

What is WAR?

WAR is your Wellness Assurance Routine; it’s how you go to war keeping the things that are important to you present, rather than continually defending yourself from what you don't want. You will constantly pay attention to the things that you want, to the things that are important to you so you can create your ultimate lifestyle.

This message needs to be delivered step by step through a process of a person paying attention to themselves and committing to their own personal goals so we ask them questions like

Our system delivers step by step day by day support to create whatever they want for their life We charge $275 for 21-day program but the program is just the foundation to get a lifestyle coaching support of $75 a month

For $75 a month you have a basic lifestyle coaching support system if you refer friends and family you can actually earn credits that get rid of the $75 cost and in some cases actually generate a revenue for you and thus we are setting up in a new big Commerce site and most importantly we want to leverage our existing clientele and get them engaged in a campaign to learn about this new intermittent fasting program, this new 21-day detox this new lifestyle coaching support services that we offer


Join Our Detox Program

Bring journey to the new way of life

All insurance plans are different, and some might pay for 100% of your treatment. Don't lose hope yet! We can verify your insurance information when you call us today.

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