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About Us

We are dedicated to providing quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers, who (we believe) can help improve our world.

Our Mission

We're here to help you detox from your life, and detoxify your world. We've got the most powerful detox formulas that are based on first-hand research and information. Our products will help you cleanse your body and mind, so you can feel better and see a difference in yourself immediately!

Our Vision

With a vision to become the premier provider of herbal and holistic health supplements designed to promote good health, repair damage caused by lifestyle choices, and help people enjoy better lives. We will achieve this vision by working with leading experts in nutrition and healthcare.

More About Us

Create a sustainable, healthful and delicious beverage that detoxes the body naturally. We have developed a proprietary blend of ingredients that we believe will be effective in helping you to achieve your weight loss objectives and improve overall well-being.

Provide the highest quality detox products in the world. All of our products are made with a holistic, organic approach and come from natural ingredients. We will help you rebalance your system and feel good again!

Movement to shift our collective consciousness and empower people everywhere to become more conscious of what they put in their bodies. By encouraging more conscious living and taking accountability for our own health, we are honoring our true nature as spiritual beings.

Why Us?

We encourage people to develop an intermittent fasting lifestyle to eat one primary meal a day to give the digestive system time over a 24 hour period or in line with the type of meals that we've had; to pay attention to the time that it takes for the digestive system to process food based on your own personality and your own body and your food preferences.

boost energy

reduce hunger

rebalance hormones

We encourage each of our clients to have a Wellness Assurance routine. Wellness assurance routine is where you are spending the time to identify what you need for your Wellness. What is your routine for Wellness?

This message needs to be delivered step by step through a process of a person paying attention to themselves and committing to their own personal goals so we ask them questions like

Our system delivers step by step day by day support to create whatever they want for their life We charge $275 for 21-day program but the program is just the foundation to get a lifestyle coaching support of $75 a month

For $75 a month you have a basic lifestyle coaching support system if you refer friends and family you can actually earn credits that get rid of the $75 cost and in some cases actually generate a revenue for you and thus we are setting up in a new big Commerce site and most importantly we want to leverage our existing clientele and get them engaged in a campaign to learn about this new intermittent fasting program, this new 21-day detox this new lifestyle coaching support services that we offer

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