Solid Advice for Helping You to Combat Stress

Are you under stress right now? Perhaps you have been pressured a lot lately at home or at work. Maybe, an unexpected situation came up, which has been getting in the way of your plans. Stress can strike anywhere at any time. It's up to you to handle it well.Search for treatments that help you deal with particular situations that cause anxiety. Occasionally, what worked before may no longer be effective, and you must find alternative measures to overcome stress. Below are amazing tips to help you keep control:

Give or Receive a Hug

A great tip that can help you keep your stress levels down is to simply give someone a hug. The physical act of giving or receiving a hug is one of the best ways to keep your stress down. You'll feel nothing but warmth and you'll notice that you aren't as anxious.

Listen to Soothing Music

Another way to help you keep your stress in check is to listen to soothing music. There are many different genres of music that can have a calming effect when you listen to them. Enjoying a little bit of this music from time to time can certainly do wonders. It is a great alternative to the unending bad news you hear on most radio shows.

Go to Mother Nature

There's just something about nature that makes people relax and feel instantly better. Hence, to beat stress, you may want to head outside and go for a hike. Going for a hike can be amazing at keeping stress down because it allows you to enjoy the soothing sights, sounds and smells of nature. You'll also be getting some exercise which will help a lot as well.

Be Assertive

Do you know that one way to help you fight stress is to start being assertive in social situations? Being assertive ensures that you're always being true to your own wants and needs. If you're passive all the time, you'll feel resentment toward other people, which is definitely stressful. Indeed it is always much better to assert how you feel and to go after what you want, provided that you're not stepping on others. Getting stressed to the point where it doesn't affect you that much takes a lot of preparation and a lot of soul-searching. It's possible, if you keep in mind that you control your thoughts and that stress is only a visitor. Don't let stress stay and you'll be a happier person very soon.

Take Charge of Your Health

Are you changing your diet for the first time? Then you know how difficult it can be to even know where to start. It's no secret that trying to improve your diet for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. Below are some tips that can help to make dietary changes come about at a smoother pace.

Know Your Fruits and Vegetables

Research the various nutritional and health benefits of fruits and vegetables. This way you can incorporate a mix into your diet that takes preventative measures, as well as nutritional measures, into account. The prolonged health benefits of the right choices in nutrition are as important as the daily needs of the body.

Boost Your Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fish contain omega 3, which is essential for nutrition. Omega 3 fatty acids are an important part of the diet. If you are vegetarian or simply do not enjoy fish, flax seed contains a very good amount of these important nutrients. Adding a bowl or two of oatmeal and flax cereal or replacing a meal or two per week with fish can boost the amount of Omega 3 in your diet.

Conquer Your Junk Food Addiction

One of the hardest, but most rewarding, things to do in transitioning to a healthy diet is conquering an addiction to unhealthy junk food. Many people crave not only the taste, but also the convenience of junk food. Switching to a better diet does not mean you will no longer crave fast food. It is crucial to acknowledge cravings for junk food and trade them in for enthusiasm for healthier choices.

Watch Out for Hidden Fats, Sugars, and More

When considering your nutrition, be sure to watch out for foods that may appear healthy but end up being quite the opposite. There can be a lot of hidden fat and sodium in otherwise healthy looking snacks. Smoothies can end up having a lot of fat calories and sugar depending on the ingredients used. Energy bars can be a hidden source of a large amount of calories. Fat free foods can contain the same amount of calories as regular versions.

Eat Until You Are Satisfied

Eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full. Most people eat because food tastes good, not because their body needs more nutrients. Pay attention to your body's signals. Put down your fork between bites and assess how you are feeling. Stop when you feel satisfied. You should not feel any hunger, but you should also not feel stuffed or uncomfortable.

Limit Your Red Meat Intake

Limit your consumption of red meat to no more than two to three times a week. Research has shown that a diet high in red meat can clog arteries and potentially lead to high blood pressure. Red meat is also high in saturated fat and cholesterol. This can lead to heart disease.

Pick Your Grains Well

Processed grains typically taste much better than whole grains do. It might hold true that some bakery products work best with white flour. On the other hand, whole grains offer a more complex, satisfying taste and are loaded with fiber.

Go for Natural Fruits

Instead of reaching for coffee or an energy drink the moment that you wake up, turn to a grapefruit, apple or orange instead. Natural fruits are fantastic for your body because they come with a multitude of vitamins that are essential for your health and nutrition. Adding these to your routine, can also improve your energy level during the day. As you have seen, changing your diet is not as scary as it may appear at first. Just think of all of the benefits to your life that it has. The benefits range from preventing minor illnesses to combating and warding off major diseases. Hopefully these tips have given you some insight on how to begin eating healthier.

The Beauty and Benefits of Fruits for Detox

Fruits are considered healthy options in any diet, as they are packed with fiber and antioxidants. They are well-known to be efficient assistants in flushing out toxins and abnormal fat.

Fruits Rich in Fiber

The fiber content in fruits is helpful in improving the digestive system, thus leading to cleansing of the body. For instance, apples are known to bring about amazing detox results because they contain beneficial phytochemicals like terpenoids and flavonoids. In addition, blueberries also have remarkable phytonutrients called proanthocyanidins which act as super detoxifiers. Another popular fruit that has a high level of antioxidants and can help in your detox program is avocados. They have glutathione which is a great liver cleanser. This way, synthetic chemicals can be flushed out from your system. How to Eat Fruits

Enjoy fruit as your food and as a snack.

Learn to eat fruit as a meal and make sure to eat 1 piece every breakfast. Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, because your body readily absorbs them. If you eat fruit this way, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight maintenance and other lifestyle activities. Let's say you eat bread and then a fruit. The fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but is prevented from doing so due to the bread causing fermentation and turning it to acid once fruit comes into contact with protein. Hence, it is best to eat fruits first thing in the morning. Wait about 15 to 30 minutes before eating anything else. *Enjoy your fruits with other fruits. Smoothies with fruits in season are always recommended. Learn what is in season in your area and when.

Fruit Options: Which are the Best for Your Detox Diet?

While on your 21-day detox program, there are various fruits that you can opt to consume in order to maximize your results. Fruits not just provide an abundance of antioxidants to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. They are also known to be beneficial in keeping you hydrated, thus also making use of water to flush out toxins from your body and thus improve your entire system. Furthermore, fruits are also helpful in increasing your energy level while managing your weight and enhancing your overall health. Now take a look at the fruit options you can enjoy while on our detox program:


1 Apple 1 Orange ½ Grapefruit 6 Strawberries 1 Peach 1 Nectarine 1 Apricot 1 Plum 1 Pear 1 Tangerine 6 Cherries *A Palm full of Raspberries, Cranberries, Blackberries or Blue Berries Juice from 1 Lemon NOTE: When eating fruits for snacks, take them ½ hour before meals or 3 hours after meals. These fruits will surely add life and color to your detox and help you get closer to your health and wellness goals. Enjoy!
Detox Program Recipe: Subjis Indian Style

Detoxification doesn't need to be a sacrifice. It doesn't mean you'll be depriving yourself. On the contrary, you are blessing yourself, allowing your body to be renewed, restored, and revitalized so that you can achieve optimum health. Part of detoxifying is eating the right foods. However, your meals don't have to be dull and tasteless. They can be as exciting and delicious as what you used to eat! You can continue to be adventurous in the kitchen while preparing your dishes. Take a look at this sumptuous dish called Subjis Indian Style:

What is Subjis?

"Subjis" means "vegetable dish". It is a popular dish in Indian cuisine which can be cooked in dry or wet form, and can also be prepared with curry. You can pick out your favorite veggies from our list and cook them Subjis-style!

How to Make?

It's important to take note that all vegetables from the list can be prepared as Indian style Subjis but with NO oil.


one medium-sized bowl Remember not to use oil, hence you can stir-fry all the vegetables in a pan or wok. If you'd really like to add oil, you can use half teaspoon of coconut oil. After around 5 minutes, add onions along with dry spices of your choice. Continue cooking with low heat. Some dry spices you may want to use for that special Indian tang--- mustard seeds, dried fenugreek leaves, dried curry, red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder. Can you almost taste that spiced mixture of vegetables? Yum! Enjoy!

The Significance of Water and Whole Foods for Detox and Balance

70% of our body and our planet are covered with water. Needless to say, this shows the importance our creator gives to water.

Hydration and Balance

What is the significance of giving our body the right amount of water and hydration daily? Giving your body sufficient water on a daily basis depending upon your daily activities restores balance in your body. This balance results in the body being able to release toxins. It also results in exchange of cellular fluids between cells --- a simple phenomenon that can tremendously help the body maintain optimum health and get rid of excess body fat.

When we provide our bodies with the sufficient amount of oxygen and water, it helps to restore the healthy connection to your daily lifestyle choices from food to physical activity. Unfortunately, the same is true when our bodies are off-balanced or dysfunctional.

Digestive Dysfunction

Dysfunctions in our digestive system lead to cravings and mood swings, disease and depression. Therefore we believe that the solution to issues such as weight gain,irregular bowel movements, stress or emotional eating, constantly craving for foods high in sugar or carbs and snacking with unhealthy choices CANNOT BE SOLVED by going on a diet or weight loss plan.

Rather, it is best to go for a plan that helps to reset your digestive system addressing the causes of these issues while simultaneously helping the body to eliminate toxins including ABNORMAL FAT, (which is the biggest toxin a body holds on to). This is the long term and effective approach.

Whole Foods

Our revolutionary approach and concept of getting to optimum weight, health and wellness is completed and complemented by the Breath of Life (BOL) product line. The best way to understand the concept and formation of each of our products is to understand the concept WHOLE FOOD.

Whole food means food in its most natural unprocessed form--- food as in fruits, vegetables, meats and herbs. The herbs and ingredients used in our products are whole as they don't have any additives, preservatives,fillers or processing added to them. This allows the herbs that are in the products to be very effective as their natural state and quality are not disturbed. You can take or use these products individually or as a combination, depending upon your requirements.Combining them with basic daily support or full coaching support allows you to understand your body and gauge your results on a daily basis.

When you begin to absorb the relevance of water and whole foods and get into the habit of incorporating them properly into your lifestyle, you will surely begin to feel and see the difference. With the help of the Breath of Life (BOL) products, you can flush out more and more toxins, restore balance in your body, eradicate cravings and bad eating habits, and definitely enjoy greater wellness in your life.

Why Going Gluten-Free is Not Necessarily Good

These days, we have been hearing of gluten-free diets that are being recommended for weight loss and better health. You have probably encountered, bought, and tried out a lot of gluten-free foods and snacks because of all the hype!

However, recent studies have been showing that going gluten-free is not necessarily good for the body. Yes, gluten has been proven a major cause of the Celiac disease but there are a number of other causes that contribute to it. Furthermore, you need to be aware that a gluten-free diet may actually lead to some adverse effects on your overall health.

What is the Celiac Disease?

This refers to an autoimmune condition wherein the ingestion of gluten actually damages the small intestine, hence leading to nutrient absorption problems.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein that is found in barley, wheat, and rye. A lot of people avoid gluten to prevent Celiac disease. There are also those who discover that they have intolerance of gluten. Moreover, gluten-free food had become popularized as a healthier option which also aids in weight loss.

How Can Going Gluten-Free Benefit You?

Naturally, if you have gluten intolerance and Celiac disease, you must really avoid gluten so as to stop inflammation in your stomach.

In evading gluten, many individuals remove processed foods from their daily diet. As a result, you get to elude a lot of harmful chemicals too.


Why is a Gluten-Free Diet Bad for You?

Do you know that staying away from gluten can actually deprive you of other important nutrients that your body needs? For instance, a lot of gluten-free foods do not have the sufficient amount of folate, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and iron.

Usually, gluten-free foods contain a lot of other hurtful components that try to make up for the lost taste and texture that gluten brings to the mix. These components, namely industrial seed oils, sugar, soy, and cereal grains, may bring about negative effects like a leaky gut and poor vitamin level.

Many people do not know that cereal grains actually consist of a toxic protein known as "prolamines". These can irritate the lining of your gut. Moreover, there are also plant lectins contained in cereal grains which also cannot be digested by humans.

Meanwhile, the phytates in these grains act as thieves. They rob you of the vitamins and minerals from the foods you intake.

On the other hand, soy is not the healthy option it appears to be. Research shows that this is actually brimming with toxins. This ingredient contains phytoestrogens which are highly associated with the growth of cancer cells and also with infertility concerns. Moreover, soy also has a lot of phytates which as mentioned above, takes away valuable nutrients such as calcium and iron.

You should also be aware that industrial seed oils like safflower, corn, soybean, and cottonseed will truly promote inflammation in your body.

And of course you know that sugar is not good for your body. It is what feeds the bacteria in your stomach. It also overloads your liver and can negatively affect your metabolism. What's more, it is bad for your teeth and can lead to diabetes.

You have to take note that these components are in high levels if you go for gluten-free foods. Here's the reality too that you need to understand--- going gluten-free will expose you to more processed carbohydrates and sugars, thus increasing the likelihood of gut disorders and also leading to unhealthy conditions.

There are many other ways for you to get to your weight loss, health, and wellness goals. Allow us to show you how to utilize detoxification to achieve the body you desire. Call us at any time and we will gladly answer your questions and work with you on a personalized program.

4 Important Questions That Can Help Stop Your Cravings

One of the biggest problems of dieters and those wanting to convert into a healthier lifestyle is the cravings they often get. Naturally, your body is undergoing some major changes. Hence, there is a big tendency for you to keep reverting to your old habits. The more you stay away, the more you end up eating these unhealthy no-no's and packing on more calories!

So how do we resolve this problem of cravings?

Take a look at these 4 important questions you must ask yourself and reflect on...


1. Have I been eating much less than usual?

Studies show that eating less than 1000 calories per day will not just deprive you of sufficient energy for the day, but will also put your metabolism on starvation mode. This means that you're just making it work a lot less. It's also a surefire way to work up your cravings and eventually lead you to cheat or give up on the diet altogether. When you give in to cravings, all the more that your slowed down metabolism will have a difficult time burning the calories. It's best to not be so strict on food intake and to never skip any meals.

2. How much sleep have I been getting?

Sleep matters when it comes to dieting. Of course it's also a major part of your health and wellness, as there plenty of rejuvenating and renewal processes happening inside the body while you sleep. When you are deprived of sleep, there is an increase in the appetite-triggering hormone called ghrelin. Thus, get enough sleep every single day and make sure to eat in moderate portions.

3. How stressed have I been lately?

Another important factor to consider is your stress level. Once you overeat because of stress, your brain records it in association with unpleasant emotions and experiences. It will therefore develop into a habit. You should un-train your brain by choosing other distractions and outlets when you are stressed. Also expose yourself to a lot of positive things and activities that cheer you up.

4. What habits do I have that bring on these cravings?

Many people often munch on chips when watching TV. Some like to keep unhealthy snacks in their desk drawers in the workplace. These are examples of habits that you need to shake off. They can certainly trigger your cravings because they have been imprinted in your mind. If you cannot stay away from the activities, make sure to remove all possible temptations. For instance, watch TV where you cannot smell any food. Or watch TV when you are full from your healthy meal. And to avoid drawer snacks at work, make sure not to pass by the aisles in the grocery that offer these snacks. Also ask your colleagues to never offer you such.

Now that you are well aware of the most influential factors that lead to food cravings, you are in a much better place to use this knowledge to your advantage. Work on it so that you will not just suppress the cravings but actually get rid of them. Good luck! You can do it!

5 Important Tips to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Many people take sleep for granted, not knowing how important it really is for your overall health and wellness. What's more, do you know that the lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep can make you more overweight?

It is during your sleeping time that a lot of essential processes take place inside your brain and your body, which help maintain the wonderful performance of your body systems and organs and also ensure constant renewal, restoration and revitalization of your cells and the rest of your body.

We have always emphasized the value of sleep. You must remember that it's not just about the number of hours, but the quality too. If you keep on waking up every now and then or you don't feel well-rested or energized at all upon waking up, then something is definitely wrong with your quality of sleep. And this too can greatly affect your weight loss efforts.

So how can you improve your quality of sleep? Here are some tips you should certainly try out:

•Follow a sleeping schedule.

Maintaining a good, healthy body clock that provides you 8 hours of sleep is highly important. Not only will you achieve the recommended number of hours, but you will surely have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep for long if you follow a daily sleeping schedule.

As much as possible, try not to veer away from this schedule so as not to interrupt your sleeping pattern. This way, you will definitely get the most from your slumber.

•Make your room conducive for sleep.

You ought to make your bedroom conducive for sleep. Dim the lights and play soothing music. It would also be good to make use of colors for your bed sheets and surroundings that are light and relaxing such as blue and green. What's more, make sure you have a comfortable bed to sleep on too, that will help relieve the tension and worries of the day.

•Have a bedtime ritual that works for you.

There are plenty of bedtime rituals that differ from person to person. For some, taking a shower before sleep works because of the refreshing, clean feeling. But this particular ritual makes others feel awake and energetic. What makes you relax the most and fall asleep faster? You can try reading a good book with a positive message. You can listen to nature sounds and/or meditate. These are only ideas, but of course you know best. If you're not sure, try to experiment and you'll surely discover what works the most for you.

•Keep daytime naps to a minimum.

Are you a daytime napper? Here's some news for you--- instead of doing you good, it may actually do you harm. Yes, napping can let you catch up on lost sleep. However, it perks you up in the middle of the day and doesn't allow you to fall asleep at once in the evening. There are also those who experience waking up from time to time while sleeping, which is also not good. This can be brought about too by daytime naps.

• Clear and relax your mind.

When the mind is active, then there's little chance that you will be able to sleep soundly. Hence, you should never do a physical activity, study or try to solve something, watch a disturbing video, or have an exciting chat before sleeping. All of these can disrupt the sleep because your mind is still whirring.

Moreover, please take note that emotional triggers and other similar stimulations can definitely hinder you from attaining the best sleep quality. When you practice the above-given tips, then you can improve your quality of sleep and take another step forward toward optimum health and wellness. Doing the tips will also ensure greater success in your weight loss plan.


How Yoga Can Help Your Detox

You have probably heard already of the many benefits that yoga can do for your health and overall wellness. But did you know that it's also very helpful for detoxifying your mind and body?

Yoga is a Great Detox Program Companion

Our body has a natural detoxing and healing function, which can be boosted through our 21-day detox program. Yoga is one of the best companions for this detox process.

When you engage in a well-rounded practice or class of yoga, the various positions and stretches are able to reach deep into your muscles and tissues which is not done when you do other forms of exercises. As a result, it contributes to reaching the toxins deep within and thus eventually flushing them out.

Yoga is able to help the body's natural waste removal functions, so you can definitely count on it for effective cleansing purposes.

The Importance of Breathing

In RAD Wellness, we have always emphasized the importance of breathing in helping with detox. A lot of people are not able to do it properly and maximize its potential. But when you practice yoga regularly, you are also trained in proper breathing.

When you breathe well, you are able to remove the carbon dioxide from your lungs as well as stimulate your digestive system to work better. Hence, this leads us back to what detox is really all about--- restoring and revitalizing the digestive system.

Clearing the Mind and Relaxing the Spirit

It is a known fact that yoga actually originated as mainly for meditation. Thus, it has always been known to be of value when it comes to clearing the mind and relaxing or renewing the spirit. It can therefore take away the stresses that have been contributing to your body disorders and to a muddled mind or tired spirit.

In the process, you get to detox your mind as well. This is essential to do alongside body detoxification, so that you can truly feel wellness flowing into your life, making you feel and look better, and even helping enhance the various aspects of your life.

Specific Yoga Postures for Detox

When you try out yoga, you will encounter specific poses that can be very beneficial for detox. The downward dog is one of them because it actually brings the heart higher than the head and is great for blood circulation. Consequently, more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the different parts of your body efficiently while toxins are eliminated. At the same time, the abdomen is also toned when doing this posture. In turn, digestion is stimulated.

Another popular position is called the Marichi's Twist. Abdominal organs are targeted here, which leads to stimulation too of the digestive system. It brings about better elimination of wastes from the body.

Furthermore, wall leg raises are also done frequently during yoga. This is ideal for blood and lymph circulation and can even be advantageous for your nervous system.

These are just some of the wonderful postures that specifically aims at detox.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to sign up for a yoga class near you as you undertake our 21-day detox program. We promise you'll love the results and you'll certainly appreciate the long-term effects as well.