At Home Total Body Cleanse by RAD Wellness

The modern world can take its toll on our bodies, especially if you are accustomed to fast living and city life. Although detoxing seems like a modern invention, natural cleansing methods have been around for hundreds of years and many religions actually encourage regular fasting to detox the system. The body can take weeks to process and remove some substances, therefore you may occasionally feel a little tired and worn out. Follow some of our methods for an at home total body cleanse, ensuring your system is completely free of toxins and pollutants.

Cleansing fluids

The best way to start any detox is to drink lots of fluids. Fresh, clean water is best to start with, but you'll need to drink lots of it to feel the full detoxing effects. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning, followed by some juiced organic fruit. Fruit and vegetable juices provide your body with the natural vitamins and minerals it needs to energise, while flushing out the system.

Change your diet

Your liver will eventually process and remove certain substances from the body, but some take longer to get rid of than others. Avoid alcohol, sugar, wheat and any processed foods to allow the liver to break down the toxins already in your system. Certain foods and drinks feed yeasts like candida, which can overgrow causing an infection. Avoid eating and drinking anything that you haven’t made yourself from fresh ingredients.

Remove harmful organisms

The body is filled with natural bacteria and organisms, some of which are helpful. Feed the ‘good’ bacteria with a probiotic supplement and expel harmful organisms by taking herbal supplements like black walnut. Herbs like dandelion root, milk thistle and peppermint also help to cleanse the liver and the lungs.

Those looking for an affordable, straightforward way to detox should give our home total body cleanse a go to feel revitalised.