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BOL is Our Breath of Life signature Product; this totally natural Ayurvedic Supplement supports the body in flushing out the lymphatic system, resulting in significant weight loss. However the benefits go far deeper, to cleanse the body of Abnormal Body Fat and toxins that caused the weight gain in the first place.

Drinking water according to our specific protocol is an important aspect of the program to achieve your optimal results. Take the Weight Loss Evaluation Now to determine your water schedule.



NATURAL and ORGANIC blend of herbs that helps body release ABNORMAL FAT DAILY.

Your body will naturally release Abnormal Body Fat to help you Look and Feel Your Best Naturally!

To lose 15 to 18 lbs in 21 days check out our DETOX IN A BOX KIT



Liquid supplements are naturally more bio available

Organic with NO additives, preservatives, fillers, stimulants, and sweeteners

We provide 24/7 Live Coaching Support and instructions along with daily weight tracking and meal plans to maximize your results.



PureUSP food grade vegetable glycerin, which means your cellular membranes are kept moist, absorbent and healthy (unlike alcohol-based formulations, which tend to dry cellular membranes or colloidal-based formulations which tend to have a disagreeable taste).

Gymnema Leaf (Gymnema sylvestre) Ayurvedic herb makes sugar tasteless, aids insulin production, and lowers blood sugars for insulin-challenged individuals.

Kelp Thallus (Laminaria digitata) is a thyroid stimulant. It's high in iodine, trace minerals, important minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin C factors, and proteins, which helps to reduce oversized thyroid and lymph nodes.

Bladderwrack Thallus (Fucus vesiculosus): Thyroid stimulant. High in iodine, trace minerals, important minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin C factors, and proteins; helps to reduce oversized thyroid and lymph nodes.

Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare) reduces gas and abdominal pain and reduces appetite cravings.

Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum) is a diuretic; clearing urinary/kidney tract obstructions and inflammations.

Black Walnut Hull (Juglans nigra) is a high source of iodine and silica, and one of the best known of all anti-parasite detoxifying herbs.

Uva-ursi Leaf (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) has strong anti-bacterial and diuretic action that clears and cools kidney/urinary tract inflammations and obstructions.

Senna Leaf (Cassia angustifolia) has stimulating laxative action, reduces constipation, cleansing and detoxifying action.

Hoodia Cactus Leaf is an excellent weight loss support herb. It's used by the San Tribe in Africa to suppress appetite while sustaining energy levels.

Guarana' Seed is a strong adrenal stimulant. Its natural Caffeine content helps increase mental alertness, acts as an endurance stimulant, and reduces tension headaches.

Recommended Dosage: Adults: 3 drops 3 times per day under the tongue for 30 seconds or as directed by your coach 0.25 oz.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 21 Days

Amount per serving %DV

Proprietary Blend 20mg *

Vitamin B-6 3mg *

Vitamin B-12 20mcg *

Aqua (Deionized Water), Gylcerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Stevia, Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Senna Leaf and Fennel Seeds.


* Daily Value not established.

This product contains no starch, salt, preservatives,wheat, yeast, alcohol or milk derivatives.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


PRODUCT NUMBER - 799666385322

BOL Detox Drops (Breath Of Life)


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