Detox Program Recipe: Subjis Indian Style

Jun 3rd 2015

Detoxification doesn't need to be a sacrifice. It doesn't mean you'll be depriving yourself. On the contrary, you are blessing yourself, allowing your body to be renewed, restored, and revitalized so that you can achieve optimum health. 

Part of detoxifying is eating the right foods. However, your meals don't have to be dull and tasteless. They can be as exciting and delicious as what you used to eat! You can continue to be adventurous in the kitchen while preparing your dishes.

Take a look at this sumptuous dish called Subjis Indian Style:

What is Subjis?

"Subjis" means "vegetable dish". It is a popular dish in Indian cuisine which can be cooked in dry or wet form, and can also be prepared with curry. 

You can pick out your favorite veggies from our list and cook them Subjis-style!

How to Make?

It's important to take note that all vegetables from the list can be prepared as Indian style Subjis but with NO oil.

PORTION: one medium-sized bowl

Remember not to use oil, hence you can stir-fry all the vegetables in a pan or wok. If you'd really like to add oil, you can use half teaspoon of coconut oil. After around 5 minutes, add onions along with dry spices of your choice. Continue cooking with low heat. 

Some dry spices you may want to use for that special Indian tang--- mustard seeds, dried fenugreek leaves, dried curry, red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder. 

Can you almost taste that spiced mixture of vegetables? Yum! Enjoy!