4 Important Questions That Can Help Stop Your Cravings

Sep 6th 2015

One of the biggest problems of dieters and those wanting to convert into a healthier lifestyle is the cravings they often get. Naturally, your body is undergoing some major changes. Hence, there is a big tendency for you to keep reverting to your old habits. The more you stay away, the more you end up eating these unhealthy no-no's and packing on more calories! 

So how do we resolve this problem of cravings?

Take a look at these 4 important questions you must ask yourself and reflect on...

1. Have I been eating much less than usual?

Studies show that eating less than 1000 calories per day will not just deprive you of sufficient energy for the day, but will also put your metabolism on starvation mode. This means that you're just making it work a lot less. It's also a surefire way to work up your cravings and eventually lead you to cheat or give up on the diet altogether. When you give in to cravings, all the more that your slowed down metabolism will have a difficult time burning the calories. It's best to not be so strict on food intake and to never skip any meals.

2. How much sleep have I been getting?

Sleep matters when it comes to dieting. Of course it's also a major part of your health and wellness, as there plenty of rejuvenating and renewal processes happening inside the body while you sleep. When you are deprived of sleep, there is an increase in the appetite-triggering hormone called ghrelin. Thus, get enough sleep every single day and make sure to eat in moderate portions.

3. How stressed have I been lately?

Another important factor to consider is your stress level. Once you overeat because of stress, your brain records it in association with unpleasant emotions and experiences. It will therefore develop into a habit. You should un-train your brain by choosing other distractions and outlets when you are stressed. Also expose yourself to a lot of positive things and activities that cheer you up.

4. What habits do I have that bring on these cravings?

Many people often munch on chips when watching TV. Some like to keep unhealthy snacks in their desk drawers in the workplace. These are examples of habits that you need to shake off. They can certainly trigger your cravings because they have been imprinted in your mind. If you cannot stay away from the activities, make sure to remove all possible temptations. For instance, watch TV where you cannot smell any food. Or watch TV when you are full from your healthy meal. And to avoid drawer snacks at work, make sure not to pass by the aisles in the grocery that offer these snacks. Also ask your colleagues to never offer you such. 

Now that you are well aware of the most influential factors that lead to food cravings, you are in a much better place to use this knowledge to your advantage. Work on it so that you will not just suppress the cravings but actually get rid of them. Good luck! You can do it!