How Yoga Can Help Your Detox

Oct 11th 2015

You have probably heard already of the many benefits that yoga can do for your health and overall wellness. But did you know that it's also very helpful for detoxifying your mind and body?

Yoga is a Great Detox Program Companion

Our body has a natural detoxing and healing function, which can be boosted through our 21-day detox program. Yoga is one of the best companions for this detox process. 

When you engage in a well-rounded practice or class of yoga, the various positions and stretches are able to reach deep into your muscles and tissues which is not done when you do other forms of exercises. As a result, it contributes to reaching the toxins deep within and thus eventually flushing them out. 

Yoga is able to help the body's natural waste removal functions, so you can definitely count on it for effective cleansing purposes.

The Importance of Breathing

In RAD Wellness, we have always emphasized the importance of breathing in helping with detox. A lot of people are not able to do it properly and maximize its potential. But when you practice yoga regularly, you are also trained in proper breathing. 

When you breathe well, you are able to remove the carbon dioxide from your lungs as well as stimulate your digestive system to work better. Hence, this leads us back to what detox is really all about--- restoring and revitalizing the digestive system. 

Clearing the Mind and Relaxing the Spirit

It is a known fact that yoga actually originated as mainly for meditation. Thus, it has always been known to be of value when it comes to clearing the mind and relaxing or renewing the spirit. It can therefore take away the stresses that have been contributing to your body disorders and to a muddled mind or tired spirit. 

In the process, you get to detox your mind as well. This is essential to do alongside body detoxification, so that you can truly feel wellness flowing into your life, making you feel and look better, and even helping enhance the various aspects of your life. 

Specific Yoga Postures for Detox

When you try out yoga, you will encounter specific poses that can be very beneficial for detox. The downward dog is one of them because it actually brings the heart higher than the head and is great for blood circulation. Consequently, more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the different parts of your body efficiently while toxins are eliminated. At the same time, the abdomen is also toned when doing this posture. In turn, digestion is stimulated. 

Another popular position is called the Marichi's Twist. Abdominal organs are targeted here, which leads to stimulation too of the digestive system. It brings about better elimination of wastes from the body. 

Furthermore, wall leg raises are also done frequently during yoga. This is ideal for blood and lymph circulation and can even be advantageous for your nervous system. 

These are just some of the wonderful postures that specifically aims at detox. 

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to sign up for a yoga class near you as you undertake our 21-day detox program. We promise you'll love the results and you'll certainly appreciate the long-term effects as well.