How Yoga Can Help Your Detox

Oct 11th 2015

You have probably heard already of the many benefits that yoga can do for your health and overall wellness. But did you know that it's also very helpful for detoxifying your mind and body?Yoga is a Great Detox Program CompanionOur body has a natural detoxing and healing function, which can be boosted through our 21-day detox program. Yoga is one of the best companions for this … read more

The Significance of Water and Whole Foods for Detox and Balance

Jun 3rd 2015

70% of our body and our planet are covered with water. Needless to say, this shows the importance our creator gives to water. Hydration and BalanceWhat is the significance of giving our body the right amount of water and hydration daily? Giving your body sufficient water on a daily basis depending upon your daily activities restores balance in your body. This balan … read more

Detox Program Recipe: Subjis Indian Style

Jun 3rd 2015

Detoxification doesn't need to be a sacrifice. It doesn't mean you'll be depriving yourself. On the contrary, you are blessing yourself, allowing your body to be renewed, restored, and revitalized so that you can achieve optimum health. Part of detoxifying is eating the right foods. However, your meals don't have to be dull and tasteless. They can be as exciting and delici … read more

Fruit Options: Which are the Best for Your Detox Diet?

Jun 3rd 2015

While on your 21-day detox program, there are various fruits that you can opt to consume in order to maximize your results. Fruits not just provide an abundance of antioxidants to boost your immune system and keep you healthy. They are also known to be beneficial in keeping you hydrated, thus also making use of water to flush out toxins from your body and thus improve your … read more