The Significance of Water and Whole Foods for Detox and Balance

Jun 3rd 2015

70% of our body and our planet are covered with water. Needless to say, this shows the importance our creator gives to water. 

Hydration and Balance

What is the significance of giving our body the right amount of water and hydration daily? Giving your body sufficient water on a daily basis depending upon your daily activities restores balance in your body. This balance results in the body being able to release toxins. It also results in exchange of cellular fluids between cells--- a simple phenomenon that can tremendously help the body maintain optimum health and get rid of excess body fat.

When we provide our bodies with the sufficient amount of oxygen and water, it helps to restore the healthy connection to your daily lifestyle choices from food to physical activity. Unfortunately, the same is true when our bodies are off-balanced or dysfunctional.

Digestive Dysfunction

Dysfunctions in our digestive system lead to cravings and mood swings, disease and depression. Therefore we believe that the solution to issues such as weight gain,irregular bowel movements, stress or emotional eating, constantly craving for foods high in sugar or carbs and snacking with unhealthy choices CANNOT BE SOLVED by going on a diet or weight loss plan. 

Rather, it is best to go for a plan that helps to reset your digestive system addressing the causes of these issues while simultaneously helping the body to eliminate toxins including  ABNORMAL FAT,(which is the biggest toxin a body holds on to). This is the long term and effective approach.

Whole Foods

Our revolutionary approach and concept of getting to optimum weight, health and wellness is completed and complemented by the Breath of Life (BOL) product line. The best way to understand the concept and formation of each of our products is to understand the concept WHOLE FOOD. 

Whole food means food in its most natural unprocessed form--- food as in fruits, vegetables, meats and herbs. The herbs and ingredients used in our products are whole as they don't have any additives, preservatives, fillers or processing added to them. This allows the herbs that are in the products to be very effective as their natural state and quality are not disturbed. You can take or use these products individually or as a combination, depending upon your requirements.Combining them with basic daily support or full coaching support allows you to understand your body and gauge your results on a daily basis.

When you begin to absorb the relevance of water and whole foods and get into the habit of incorporating them properly into your lifestyle, you will surely begin to feel and see the difference. With the help of the Breath of Life (BOL) products, you can flush out more and more toxins, restore balance in your body, eradicate cravings and bad eating habits, and definitely enjoy greater wellness in your life.