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RAD Wellness Center Provides the 21 Day Coaching support for Detox In A Box

In developing "Detox in a Box", we recognized that there can be No one size fits all, we have worked with specific groups to develop a range of programs, but more importantly we provide moment by moment, daily support for all our clients during their 21 Day detox. Based on different groups and their general coaching needs we have developed other brands, each of these brands are targeted to the specific needs of their Audience. Our most popular brand Breath Of Life, sold online and supported at

If you are interested in becoming a Wellness coach or have a background in natural healing and you believe that Mother Nature cures, then you should check out our Aqualife Brand.

If you are more enterprising and are already dealing with an audience and want to sell to a retail market as an international Distributor, then contact

Together we are helping our clients Reach Another Dimension, to

BE WELL by Balancing the Body

Live Well by Being Wellness Minded

Stay Well by Sharing what works.

The Ultimate kit is the most popular it's not our lowest priced kit, but it has everything you need. By understanding fully the process to reset, restore and revitalize your digestive system you will realize that each of the products plays its part in restoring vitality in the body, and reconnect it to the mind allowing our spirit to guide us.



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