Detox in a Box Starter Kit

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DETOX in a BOX, is our original solution, developed based on our 1 to 1 coaching program. While Our New program has added features and supplements this original protocol still works. To find out which program is right for you, take our weight loss evaluation NOW. This is not a Diet or Exercise Program, our totally Natural Organic Program will Reset, Restore and Revitalize your digestive system to release Abnormal Body Fat.

This kit includes daily coaching support by text, app and email, to ensure your results, while most of our clients buy the “Detox in a BOX” for Weight Loss, the benefits are much greater. Clients have reported, lower blood pressure, reduction or elimination of medication, relief from constipation and digestive issues. Many of our clients are recommended by their Doctors to do our program, please check with your Doctor before adjusting your medication.

The reason our program works is that we focus on helping our clients understand the root cause of their weight gain and not get caught up on treating the symptoms. By resetting their digestive system with the help of our natural herbs, its amazing how the body changes. Instead of losing one to two pounds a week on a typical diet or exercise programs, our clients lose an average of 1 to 2 pounds per day. By allowing the body to release abnormal body fat, many of our clients report an overall improvement in their health and well being.

For legal purposes *These product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For the record, there are NO Pharmaceutical ingredients in our products, we use totally natural food grade products in our supplements. When combined with our specific protocol and your personalized water schedule, the program allows the body to release toxins and naturally heal itself.


One Week Detox Kit – Basic $399

* 1 Week of DETAILED, LIVE Coaching and MONITORING
* 1 Week Supply of B.O.L (Breath Of Life)
* 1 Bottle BOL Berries (Ketones)
* 1 Bottle BOL Aqua (Silver)
* 1 Bottle BOL Strong OXY
* 1 Bottle BOL Aloe Cleanse
* 1 DTB Water Bottle So You Know PRECISELY How Much to Drink!
* 1 Carry Bag

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