Digestive Health

    A Dysfunctional Digestive System is directly related to weight gain and poor health. For most of us who live a first world lifestyle, many of the processes foods and environmental toxins that allow for our convenient lifestyle, play a major role in creating dysfunctions in our digestive system, and prevents the proper absorption of the nutrients in our food.

    While the intention of preservatives and processed foods is simply to prevent the breakdown of foods outside the body, for these very same reasons, they prevent the breakdown of food inside the body. Over time this constant challenge to digest to eliminate these chemicals, leads to a build up of a mucus lining in our intestines.


What is Worse?

  These conditions in the intestines create a perfect breeding ground for many harmful bacteria, parasites and disease causing fungus. The health of our intestines is directly related to our immune system, many of the hormones and health activities of the body are all regulated in the digestive system.

   This simple problem is only further exacerbated by the addition of sugars and salt, artificial sweeteners, that rob the body of its ability to heal itself naturally. At RAD, we will provide the tools to identify the foods that are right for you. We encourage you to do your best, to pay attention and understand how best to take an active role in making choices that are right for you.