Eating Smart and Living Well

       Here’s the Dirty Secret a lot of Weight Loss Programs won’t tell you: They don’t teach you anything about healthy living. With Detox in a Box, the secret’s out: You’ll learn the day-to-day skills to support your body to Naturally Detox, while at the same time you will learn how to live for lifelong success. We teach you how to identify whole foods and how to avoid certain ingredients that are just not right for you. Let us help you prepare balanced delicious meals not just for your whole family. Plus, buying locally doesn’t just make sense for you, it’s smart for your community too.

     Like dining out? So do we! Instead of telling you your favourite spot is off limits, we empower you with knowledge to make the right choices when dining at a restaurant and even offer a handy restaurant guide that shows you what’s what at popular destinations.

       Together, you and your Coach backed by our step by step coaching support. Will help you create flexible meal plans, but be prepared to not be hungry. Skipping meals during our 21 day program is quite common, this is not a requirement, but as you restore the hormonal balance in your digestive system, you will find that rather than looking forward to the next meal, within a few days of being on the program, you will eat only when your are hungry.