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At the RAD Wellness Center, the focus is on YOU, let’s help you pay attention to what’s best for you. Our program will help you Reset, Restore and Revitalize your digestive system to flush out Abnormal Body Fat, and Restore the natural balance in the body. This simple yet powerful protocol is supported by our line on “Breath of Life” -BOL Products. This is a line of natural teas to support your body in Restoring its Balance.


The most important aspect of the program is your willingness to let go of the things in your life that are no longer serving you. We all have a blind spot, the areas of our lives that are automatically active, habits that no longer serve us. Our coaching team will help you develop the habits that move you towards your goals. Let’s get you daily results. 


Let’s be clear, our focus is JUST WELLNESS, as your body releases toxins and preservatives that build up over time, your body will heal itself naturally. There is a long list of ailments that our clients say they no longer have, however our focus and intentions are JUST WELLNESS. Join our Wellness Community and build your own wellness community so in time we can all BE WELL, LIVE WELL and STAY WELL..






·        BOL DETOX

·        BOL AQUA

·        BOL FLOWER

·        BOL FRUIT

·        BOL BERRIES

·        BOL TREE



This kit is an excellent natural tool to reset and restore your digestive system using all pure liquid herbs. It focuses on intermittent fasting that puts you in a state called ketosis. Based on the research, scientists have discovered that fasting increases ketone levels more, have a stronger more beneficial effect on overall health and key to a longer life.




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