Wellness Concierge


  1. Have you been too busy with so many things in your life that you have been neglecting your health and fitness?
  2. Are there stressful things in your life that seem to pile on the toxins and make you feel unwell?
  3. Do you want to finally shed off those extra pounds and start to look and feel really good?

Here at RAD Wellness Center, we offer a distinct Wellness Concierge service for everyone who wishes to regain balance in their bodies and lives, and work toward the Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle.

We are a Full-Service Wellness Agency.

We are a full-service wellness agency that provides online international coaching and lifestyle support. We can help you determine first your health and wellness goals as well as the ideal weight that you would like to achieve. The next step is to evaluate your current lifestyle and see which areas we can improve together to bring you closer to your goals.

With our proven 21-day detox program, wide range of high quality natural supplements and efficient coaching support, we have brought many individuals toward their dream bodies and wellness levels. We want to do the same for you too.

Let us Help You Reach a New Dimension of Wellness.

We cater to those who wish to reach another dimension of wellness in their lives. If you want to sleep better, restore your peace of mind, feel more energized and confident, stay away from illnesses, or just glow beautifully, we can certainly be your Wellness Partner in driving toward these goals and enjoying life more! Allow us to provide you the knowledge and tools that can help you to Be Well, Live Well, and Stay Well.

Take the First Step Now Toward a Better You.

Take the first step today by discovering your needs and where you are currently at in terms of wellness. Find out your Self Care Score through Now you can compare this score with your friends on Facebook! The evaluation will surely help awaken you to your present lifestyle and needs and where you would like to be.

Let a Detox Reset, Restore, and Revitalize Your Body.

If you are ready to take charge of your own health and wellness, then you must start with a Detox. This will Reset, Restore, and Revitalize your digestive system, enabling your own body to heal itself. 

We Focus on YOU, YOU, and YOU!

As a wellness concierge, we focus on you, you, and you! What do you want? What do you need? We can help you achieve superb well-being. Like most people who begin with letting go of the emotions and toxins that have accumulated in the body over the years, you may also need to do the same before we can focus on enhancing your Self Care process and daily health and fitness habits.

We focus on Just Wellness. By paying attention to what we want and value, then we will attract and be the value in our own lives. And when this happens, we can pass on the blessing to others as well.