What is a Good Detox Cleanse for the Body?

In many cultures and societies, an annual good detox cleanse for the body is a yearly ritual, allowing the body to recover and replenish itself from within. Eliminating toxins helps guard against disease, and it assists in obtaining optimum health and vitality. If you feel like you're lacking in energy, have skin or bowel problems, or just generally feel off-colour, a detox can be a boost.

So what is a good detox cleanse for the body? The first step is to stop consuming all toxins such as alcohol, coffee, refined fats and sugars and cigarettes. The major organs, especially the liver, kidneys, lymph, lungs and skin will all get a rest from processing these substances and this will help cleanse the blood. Stress won't help, so try meditation or yoga to stay calm and focused. Avoid chemicals in your personal toiletry products and use natural alternatives.

Many detox plans are seven days long and these tend to consist of two or three days fasting on a liquid diet, then a slow build up with lots of super-healthy food and supplements to refuel before a return to a post-detox lifestyle. Recommended for detoxing are organic fruit and vegetables, brown rice, seaweed, beets, broccoli, cabbage and spirulina.

It is important to drink lots of water, as this is a crucial component in flushing out the toxins. Green tea is also good, and you can protect your liver with milk thistle, dandelion root and Vitamin C.

Epsom salt baths are ideal for a detox programme, as is use of a sauna. Body waste is eliminated through the sweat glands. Exercise and rest are of equal benefit. An hour's brisk exercise each day is suggested, but make sure you allow time to lie down and relax afterwards.

Deep breathing is another way you can help your body to detoxify. The more the oxygen can circulate throughout your entire system, the better the result.

It's always wise to tell your doctor if you are planning on undergoing any treatment, especially if you are on any medications.