What is Detox in a Box

     This 21 day Detox Program is based on Ayurvedic Principles. The believe is that Weight Gain is a SYMPTOM of a problem in the body and not the CAUSE . The primary cause of most illness and weight gain, belly fat and other ailments is a DYSFUNCTIONAL DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

     Unless and until we clear the dysfunction, all measures to address this issue are only temporary. Unfortunately, most traditional diets and weight loss plans are focussed only on the symptom, it's like taking a fever reducer for the flu. We get too busy trying to bring the fever down that we don't pay any attention to the imbalance in the body that caused the flu. With detox in a box, our approach is exactly the opposite.

       With our natural herbs and protocol, our complete focus is to help you Reset, Restore and Revitalize the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. The kit we provide along with our daily coaching support is a strategically planned kit to maximize your results. While certain herbs work on helping cells to release abnormal fat and toxins, others help to restore hormonal balance. Simultaneously, certain herbs help to clear excessive mucus, fungi and parasites out of the body.

     With this approach, while you absolutely experience losing abnormal fat, there's a huge improvement in your levels of energy, sleep, cravings, metabolism and even mood swings all come back into balance. Since it can never be one size fits all  approach, there are personal coaches, who works with you, step by step and day by day. From your cell phone, you will have full access to our coaching platform and access to your personal coach and your coaching portal.