Why Does it Work

  1. Well, it’s Not a Diet or another Weight Loss Plan, it's a completely Natural Total Body Cleanse .
  2. This program targets toxins, disease causing Bacteria and parasites but most importantly targets ABNORMAL BODY fat as a toxin too. 
  3. When you take that approach instead of struggling to lose 1 or 2 lbs a week and from the areas you don't want to rather you see almost daily scale movement and SPECIFICALLY from the areas you have the most fat stored.  Such as  belly, under the shoulders, thighs etc. All this while your skin glows and hair texture and strength improves. 
  4. It is not a quick weight loss fix where the face is all sucked in but belly is big and as soon as you stop the weight comes right back on.
  5. Most important thing to do while on the plan is to drink water.
  6. It's not about going to store or a website and just buying a product then trying to figure it out on your own.
  7. You get personalized daily instructions based on your wake up time and life style.
  8. We love to guarantee a minimum of 10 to 15 lbs in a session and we do that by monitoring your weight and coaching you DAILY as we expect results DAILY.
  9. You lose not just pounds but also lots of inches along with pounds.
  10. After you are done, we spend 3 months  in showing you how to not gain the weight back on by helping you develop your personal wellness lifestyle.